Game on with Better Broadband!

Up your game with MIDWESTECH's unrivaled Better Broadband platform — and our exclusive Gamer Essentials™ package!

With Gamer Essentials™ you'll enjoy ultra fast speeds and three times the bandwidth for more reliable connections. That means less lag and more frag — Game like a pro with MIDWESTECH!

Feel the Need for Speed!

Level up to the fastest download speeds at the highest bandwidths, for the lowest possible latency and the best available frame rates — a seamless and glitch-free gaming experience, thanks to MIDWESTECH Gamer Essentials™. It's the fastest internet you'll ever get your Dorito-stained hands on!

Blast Through the Competition!

Annihilate your enemies, destroy your buddies, and hurl insults at random preteens the world over, from the comfort of your ergonomic gaming chair! MIDWESTECH Gamer Essentials™ gives you the tools you need to neglect your responsibilities, commitments... even basic hygiene — all while simulcasting your antisocial behavior to the world!

Win Friends and Influence People!

With more than enough bandwidth to livestream your influence and pander to other weirdos about the bizarre and esoteric minutiae of a relatively obscure experience with little inherent value, Gamer Essentials™ enables you to monetize your hobby and rid yourself of all endearment to the thing you once enjoyed, forever chasing likes from strangers on the internet! — Ensnare yourself in an algorithm trap with MIDWESTECH Gamer Essentials™.

Get into the game—and stay there forever—with MIDWESTECH Gamer Essentials™!

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Mara Miller

Team Lead

Mara comes to MIDWESTECH from the fertile fields of Iowa, and has been with us since graduating from Luther College in 2019. They live in Lowertown Saint Paul with a dog named Grendel, a ferret named Spengler, and a rotating cast of amphibians, reptiles, and fish.


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