Introducing MIDWESTECH Parental Controls

With MIDWESTECH's state-of-the-art P-Chip™ Technology, you can set Parental Controls — and manage the material your family sees on the internet and TV.

Maintain control for yourself while preventing your loved ones from encountering obscene and explicit material — and other content to which impressionable minds should not be subjected.

When activated, viewers without the P-Chip™ code will not have access to the content you decide they shouldn't. Use it to blacklist individual shows and web pages or block entire channels, websites, or apps—and stop your folks' regression toward a bigoted vestige of a bygone era!

As your parents reach their golden age, it's best to keep them from indulging their more... "old-fashioned" impulses. We don't need them working themselves into some kind of media-fueled tizzy; they lack the skills required to ethically or savvily consume 21st century media. So save them from themselves — with P-Chip™!

Only MIDWESTECH gives you full control over your parents' media consumption — allowing you to monitor their TV and internet usage to ensure they see nothing you don't want them to...

Make the Internet Great Again!

Keep the Boomers out of the comments section, off the conspiracy websites, and away from the influence of unscrupulous talking heads. Stop the spread of disinformation — and nip that next paranoid tirade in the bud!

Fair and Balanced Coverage

Outfox mom and dad — and prevent them from becoming misinformed and radicalized by extremist news sources. Activate P-Chip™ for the holidays to keep things civil at the dinner table — or keep it on year-round to help bring society back from the brink!

Turn the Cam-pain into a Pleasure

During election season, hit our exclusive RedAlert™ button — which acts as a system-wide kill switch, replacing any and all political content with true crime podcasts, memes from a decade ago, and old reruns of Nash Bridges and Bones. Your folks will be so distracted by our nonstop Boomer-friendly programming, they won't have time to call you with their latest talking points!

Give your Inbox a break!

Protect your household from the dangers of spam, malware, and phishing scams. By adding our patented BoomerSafe™ filters to your inbox, messages forwarded by your folks will automatically be flagged for dangerously off-color and/or cringe-inducing material — ain't nobody got time for that!

Our Pledge To You

P-Chip™ Technology comes with MIDWESTECH Support included — we will 100% back you up on your little fib: "Ah, geez, we don't know what's going on, it should be working... we'll make sure someone takes care of that for you right away." Meanwhile, you have MIDWESTECH's money-back guarantee: we will never rat you out!

Get your folks back — with MIDWESTECH Parental Controls!

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David Esparza


Dave has been with our company since 2018. He originally hails from Provo, Utah, and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2019 with a degree in Communications. He lives in Minneapolis with his partner Sam, and their two cats—Felicia and Gérard Depardieu.


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